Technical counselling

To meet the needs of institutions financing implementation of projects related to renewable energy sources, we have expanded our business activity to include technical counselling on the following issues:

  •   Supervision of investment projects
  •   Management of investment risk
  •   Project Audit
  •   Control of compliance with agreed objectives, in all phases of the project execution

In the investment planning stage we verify organizational, technical and financial assumptions, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the project (SWOT analysis) and we offer solutions to increase the safety of the project execution. The preliminary report made on the basis of the research includes an objective assessment of the investment documentation.

On the basis of the site inspection we control the progress of the investment execution in the phase of its implementation. In addition, we make the inspection of the progress stage of the project. We study the correctness of its course of execution taking into account the material and financial schedules and other obligations of the investor. At the same time, we evaluate on a regular basis the rationality and the level of investment costs relating them to the values ​​assumed in the budget.