About us

We operate in the renewable energy market since the year 2000. The first experience in a nascent wind power market in Poland we gained through designing and implementing autonomous power systems of low power receivers. A few years later, developing our passion, we started working on the project of construction of wind farms with a capacity of 6MW in Darżyno. As Ekosys Sp. z o. o. company we took over full coordination of the construction investment in 2006, which meant being responsible for carrying out all the procedures necessary to start construction and bringing the investment to start already in 2008.

To meet the potential of the renewable energy market in Poland, in 2008 the personnel of Ekosys Sp. z o. o. started planning a project for the construction of an agricultural biogas plant. Similarly to the previous investment, this project, carried out from scratch by the team Ekosys Sp. z o. o. was successfully completed. In 2013 in Darżyno we launched the largest agricultural biogas plant in Poland, with installed capacity of 2.4MW. Our tight team of engineers specializing in power, mechanics, and biotechnology works on maintaining the operation of the biogas plant and optimizes utilization of the installed capacity.

Thus gained experience and knowledge are now successfully used not only by individuals and business entities but also by financial institutions to which Ekosys Sp. z o. o. offers comprehensive services related to renewable energy sources and including the coordination of projects, conducting due diligence as well as technical counselling.

Thanks to the recognition of the Ekosys brand in the market which has been created by our achievements and professionalism of our staff of qualified engineers, lawyers and accountants, the company can share its success by implementing still new undertakings.

Currently we are coordinating wind projects with a total capacity exceeding 40MW.